Hua Hin Thailand


Fascinating history and exclusive seaside resort

For decades Hua Hin, the oldest beach resort of Thailand, located about 200 kilometers southwest of Bangkok on the Gulf of Siam, has been the preferred holiday destination for many Thais.

King Rama VI discovered the small fishing village in the early 1920s. He liked the place so much that soon afterwards magnificent royal summer palaces were built in Hua Hin. Since almost 100 years the royal summer residence in Hua Hin has been the ideal place to enjoy the summer retreat and relaxation far from the hectic atmosphere of Bangkok. Many historic buildings from those early days have been preserved, including the famous royal train station, which is often described as „the most beautiful train station in Thailand“.

The royal family stills visits every year and spends their vacation in Hua Hin. Their presence provides Hua Hin with a quiet and exclusive atmosphere that is especially appreciated by rich and influential Thai families.

Agreeable climate

Hua Hin is located in the subtropical zone, the climate is pleasant and warm all the year round with only small variations.

The coolest season is from December to February. During this period the maximum temperatures are less than 30° in the daytime and the sky is mostly bright blue. The nights are very comfortable with temperatures between 20°–24°. A slight breeze, that made Hua Hin a famous summer retreat, turns your day at the beach into a soothing experience.

Windsurfers and kiteboarders delight in perfect wind conditions during the winter months. Hua Hin is a real insiders’ tip for water sports.

Because of the special geographical location the rainy season is very short in Hua Hin. A surrounding mountain range protects Hua Hin from the monsoon and therefore it is the place with the lowest rainfall all across southern Thailand. The annual rainfall in Hua Hin is only about a quarter compared to other well-known Thai holiday destinations. These ideal conditions were also an important factor why the royal family built the summer residence in Hua Hin and visits for their vacation year after year.

September is the month with the most rainfall, but it rarely rains all day long. In Hua Hin there are no dark and cloudy or endlessly rainy weeks as in Europe. The rain is warm and transforms the entire city and the surrounding hills in a flourishing tropical garden!

Ideal holiday destination

Hua Hin welcomes you with a lot of charm and the flair of a typical Thai small town, characterised by local tradition and contact with the domestic population. There is an open and vibrant atmosphere on the streets and markets from morning to night.

Interesting attractions, Asian culture, culinary specialties of Thai cuisine, various recreational and leisure facilities, subtropical flora and fauna and miles of sandy beaches for long walks are waiting for you, as well as large shopping centers and restaurants offering a variety of choice and some of them even with a selection of Western products. Medical care is excellent. Hua Hin combines Thai everyday life with the needs of guests from around the world in an ideal way.

The beaches of Hua Hin are among the cleanest in Thailand. The municipality has established an exemplary wastewater management by international standards and regularly monitors the cleanliness of the public beach with a length of 8 km and a width of 150 meters (at low tide). The beach is lined with palm trees and offers many shady and secluded spots where you can relax and unwind.

During the off-season, from April to October, Hua Hin is especially attractive for you. The prices are low, the whole town is rather quiet and the world-famous golf courses are almost deserted. The passionate golfer can play his rounds in peace without any time pressure.

There is a wide selection of leisure activities: water sports, horse riding, golf, excursions to national parks, temples and waterfalls as well as cultural events, including the Hua Hin Jazz Festival in June with numerous „Jazz on the beach“ concerts featuring international and Thai musicians.

Hua Hin offers you a gorgeous scenery and a safe environment for the whole family.

Most of the city center near the beach has little traffic and is easily accessible for pedestrians. Hua Hin has a good infrastructure and excellent restaurants right on the beach. Enjoy an unforgettable evening at the sea with a Far Eastern and exotic ambience.

The tasteful and relaxed atmosphere in Hua Hin is unique throughout Thailand. You will be welcomed with a lot of open-mindedness and the famous Thai hospitality.

Hua Hin is the perfect travel destination for an exceptional and relaxing vacation or a long-term stay of several months, especially during the European summer months!

We look forward to welcome you soon in our holiday apartment in Baan Sansaran!

Nightlife and attractions

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